DOCTUM PHARMACEUTICAL S.A. – Κ. Τ. GIOKARIS & CO is a pharmaceutical, industrial and commercial company, located in the wider area of Athens, Paiania Attica, it was founded in 1968 and produces haemodialysis solutions, pharmaceutical products and various medical devices.

DOCTUM’s fully owned plant is situated on 5000 sqm of land in three stores and located 17 km from the center of Athens, a location which offers significant advantages in terms of providing excellent service to customers and recruiting the most efficient and trained personnel.

DOCTUM also maintains an extensive distribution network covering the Public Hospitals and Private Clinics throughout the country.

The industrial and other facilities operate in accordance with the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regulations. The laboratories have been modernized with automatic and semi-automatic machines which ensure fully controlled production of products, manufactured according to the latest strict international standards and modern technical specifications.

DOCTUM is in the position to manufacture and package all pharmaceutical forms such as tablets of various forms, capsules, fluids, creams, syrups, suppositories, dialysis solutions and many other medical devices.

DOCTUM has been manufacturing and marketing hemodialysis solutions and other devices related to Artificial Kidney, since 1975. With these products and materials, Doctum supplies a large part of the market and serves most of the Public Hospitals and Private Clinics in the country.

At the end of 1985, for reasons of better organization and distribution, DOCTUM SA established its subsidiary DOCTOPHARMA T. K. GIOKARIS & Co. COMMERCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL ENTERPRISE which has its premises within DOCTUM’s own facilities, and has undertaken the import and distribution of dialysers and other equipment for Dialysis-Units. DOCTOPHARMA offers a complete range of dialysers manufactured in specialized factories in Switzerland and Italy.

In recent years, DOCTUM has expanded its activities in setting-up Dialysis Units in cooperation with other organizations.

Today, it has a total of five (5) Dialysis Units serving a total of 600 patients.
Especially two of the above Dialysis Units, subsidiaries of DOCTUM, are established in privately owned buildings with the most modern facilities and mechanical equipment. In particular: the BIONEPHROS Hemodialysis Unit S.A. in Moschato, a suburb of Athens, with 34 hemodialysis positions and the EURONEPHROS Hemodialysis Unit S.A. in Ampelokipoi, a suburb of Athens, with 45 hemodialysis positions.