Pharmacovigilance is the process of monitoring and evaluating the safety of pharmaceuticals, taking measures to reduce the risk of adverse reactions and to improve the therapeutic effects of their use.

The objective is to prevent implications to patient’s health through recognition, assessment, recognition and reduction of adverse drug reactions and it is achieved by recording adverse reactions in patients and reporting them to the responsible authorities.


According to the National Adverse Reaction reporting system, alternatives to any possible adverse reaction may be submitted to the National Drug Agency in the Adverse Event Section by submitting the Yellow Card in the following ways:

  • Electronic submission of the Yellow Card through the National Organization for Medicines website
  • Send the Yellow Card in hard copy by mail, free of charge, to:
    National Organization for Medicines (284 Mesogion Avenue, Cholargos, 155 62 Athens),
    Department of Adverse Drug Reactions,
    phone: +30 ή +30
  • Send the Yellow Card by fax to +30 210.6549.585


DOCTUM PHARMACEUTICAL SA contributing to the European effort for patients’ access to safe and effective medicines, holds an appropriate Pharmacovigilance System according to EU legislation to continuously monitor the safety and effectiveness of its products.

If you notice any adverse reaction or side effect from our products, tell your doctor, pharmacist or nurse, even for any possible other reaction not listed in the instructions leaflet and inform DOCTUM PHARMACEUTICAL SA with the following Adverse Event Reporting Form

Adverse Event Report Form

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To report any adverse reaction to our company’s products, please complete and submit the Adverse Event Report Form,
Alternatively, you can also report any adverse reaction by phone or by e-mail.


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